Hi! I'm Tiffany Bond

A Full-Stack Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a Fullstack Software Engineering Apprentice for Alchemy @ Proctor & Gamble with a passion for IoT and mobile development. I am a highly creative and logical person, with an enthusiasm for knowledge and inspiration. I am very detail-oriented, and a problem-solver by nature. I love working on teams, and learning from those around me.

Prior to my work at P&G, I spent a year teaching myself software development, starting with web development. From the fundamentals - HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript - I moved onto ReactJS and developed multiple projects in React, some of which afforded me the opportunity to join the amazing team at Alchemy @ P&G as a Software Engineering Apprentice. Since starting there, I've learned so many useful technical and soft skills to effectively collaborate on teams and deliver clean, production-level code daily. During this time, I've worked on many different teams and have had to adapt to each project quickly. I've worked on mobile companion apps using technologies such as React Native and Elixir; DTC websites built with GatsbyJS, GraphQL, and BigCommerce; and even email campaigns built with Liquid and Connected Content. I've gained valuable experience understanding the software life cycle, while using agile methodologies to manage my work in relation to the rest of my team.

I am constantly striving to learn more, and grow as a developer. I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with talented developers so I can continue to learn the best methodoligies and practices in this industry.

Please check out my skills and interests below!



JavaScript - ES6

React.js - React Native


Elixir - Phoenix

Tailwind - Bootstrap 4








Time Management



Video Games

Ice Skating

Digital Art


Weight Lifting



My Projects

This section is under construction

The projects previously showcased do not accurately reflect the professional experience I've gained since the beginning of my career as a Software Engineer. I'll be updating this section shortly!

React Flower Store Demo
react flower store project mockup image

E Commerce Demo Site built with React.js, ES6, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4, with a Context API and PayPal Sandbox. Features a functional cart with options to add to cart, remove from cart, change quantities of items in cart, and clear cart.

Netlify GitHub
Tip Calculator With Sliding Percentage Scale
tip calculator scrennshot

Tip calculator built with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, and jQuery. Features an input box for the bill amount, and a labelled sliding tip percentage scale that updates a tip and total field.

CodePen GitHub
React TodoList
react todolist image

Small TodoList application made with React.js, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, and ES6. Features input field for new todo, which generates a unique ID, which is used to toggle check-off and delete functions.

CodeSandBox GitHub